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with Coral Grand Divers

Book the holidays of your dreams and dive Koh Tao! Coral Grand Divers offers daily dive tips, great diving packages and all PADI Courses: from the popular PADI Open Water Course all the way up to becoming a PADI Pro. Coral Grand Divers Koh Tao is an award-winning PADI 5 Star IDC Resort and focuses on an exceptional level of customer service and professionalism. The aim is to create unforgettable memories and have everyone leave with a smile on their face! If you are looking to dive Koh Tao with a dive center that has friendly and passionate staff, the perfect beachfront location and the highest standards when it comes to safety – you found the right place! Find out more about Coral Grand Divers and about Koh Tao or contact us directly, we are happy to help you planning the best diving holiday in Thailand.

[cover_boxes active_element=”1″ title1=”BECOME A DIVER” text1=”It’s not only diving, it’s the experience of a lifetime! With a lot of patience and passion you get taught all you need to know to stay safe and enjoy being underwater.” link1=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/start-diving/” link_label1=”MORE” target1=”_self” title2=”IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS” text2=”Build confidence and expand your scuba skills by continuing your diving education with the PADI Advanced Open Water Course, PADI Rescue Diver or any PADI Speciality.” link2=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/padi-courses/continue-diving/” link_label2=”MORE” target2=”_self” title3=”GO PRO” text3=”Change your lifestyle and become a PADI Pro! It’s easier than you think and you will get paid to share your love for diving with others while doing what you enjoy!” link3=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/go-pro/” link_label3=”MORE” target3=”_self” read_more_button_style=”yes” image1=”23419″ image3=”23415″ image2=”23423″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”2″ title1=”DIVING PACKAGES” text1=”Get the best deals with our diving packages! Are you looking for more than just a course or a dive trip? Combination of courses, fun dives and accommodation… we have it all!” link1=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/diving-packages/” link_label1=”MORE” target1=”_self” title2=”Dive Trips” text2=”Dive Koh Tao and explore its’ beautiful underwater world! For certified divers there are two boat trips every day and a night dive every second night.” link2=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/dive-trips/” link_label2=”MORE” target2=”_self” title3=”ACCOMMODATION” text3=”The dive centre is are located on the beachfront of Coral Grand Resort at the north end of Sairee Beach. Enjoy all amenities of the 3 Star Resort for a budget price!” link3=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/accommodation/” link_label3=”MORE” target3=”_self” read_more_button_style=”yes” image1=”23428″ image3=”23429″ image2=”23425″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”1″ title1=”BECOME A DIVER” text1=”We don’t only teach diving – we make it an experience of a lifetime!” link1=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/start-diving/” link_label1=”MORE” target1=”_self” target2=”_self” target3=”_self” image1=”23419″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”1″ title1=”IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS” text1=”Build confidence and expand your scuba skills by continuing your diving education.” link1=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/padi-courses/continue-diving/” link_label1=”MORE” target1=”_self” target2=”_self” target3=”_self” image1=”23423″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”1″ title1=”GO PRO” text1=”Change your lifestyle and become a PADI Pro! It’s easier than you think.” link1=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/go-pro/” link_label1=”MORE” target1=”_self” target2=”_self” target3=”_self” image1=”23415″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”1″ title1=”DIVING PACKAGES” text1=”Get the best deals with our diving packages! Courses, fun dives and accommodation.” link1=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/diving-packages/” link_label1=”MORE” target1=”_self” target2=”_self” target3=”_self” image1=”23428″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”1″ title1=”Dive Trips” text1=”Dive Koh Tao and explore its’ beautiful underwater world! For certified divers only.” link1=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/dive-trips/” link_label1=”MORE” target1=”_self” target2=”_self” target3=”_self” image1=”23425″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”1″ title1=”ACCOMMODATION” text1=”We are located on the beachfront of Coral Grand Resort, north of Sairee Beach.” link1=”http://www.coralgranddiverskohtao.com/accommodation/” link_label1=”MORE” target1=”_self” target2=”_self” target3=”_self” image1=”23429″]


with Coral Grand Divers

Are you wondering why dive Koh Tao and not anywhere else? Koh Tao offers beautiful beaches, stunning landscape, great diving and has just the right mix of being developed enough to enjoy a comfortable stay but still experience the typical Thailand. The whole island lives scuba diving! There are no huge supermarkets or restaurant chains but a lot of local restaurants and beach bars. Get away from the typical touristic areas and enjoy the island vibe of young backpackers, adventurous families and residents who all share the passion of scuba diving! At Coral Grand Divers the guests from all over the world become part of a diving family, no matter if you are backpacking by yourself or with some friends, travelling with your family or looking for a romantic get-away with your loved one. There is a huge variety of options for your time on Koh Tao and we will always do our best to find the perfect solution for you and make it the experience of a lifetime!

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The PADI Difference

PADI Logo Vertical Grey, Coral Grand Divers, Koh Tao

PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba diving credentials in the world. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI certification card will be recognized and accepted. In fact, not only when you dive Koh Tao with Coral Grand Divers, but any other place in the world, you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Divers. Get your PADI now!


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