5 Reasons why you should scuba dive


5 Reasons you should scuba dive. Don't ask me why I dive - ask yourself why you don't.

Honestly, it had to be said. The question is not why people dive, it is why wouldn’t they? If you are already a scuba diver, you probably know what I am talking about. There is just nothing that compares to it, for a variety of reason. If you are not a scuba diver yet, see below our top

5 reasons why you should scuba dive:


1. Take your beach holiday to a new level

Do you enjoy spending your holiday in a tropical environment and relax on the beach? Maybe sometimes you get bored of doing the same thing day after day? Scuba diving can add some extra adventure to any beach holiday. Discover new underwater sceneries, species and maybe even wrecks while doing something active. Diving is also a great activity for the whole family, children form the age of 8 can start blowing bubbles underwater! Travelling alone? There is no better way to meet like-minded, adventurous people than by taking a PADI course.

2. Experience new sensations

Scuba diving is not only about seeing marine life, one of the most surprising things about being underwater is the complete weightlessness you feel. Move freely in all directions without the restriction of gravity you are used to feel. If there is anything that comes close to flying, diving is probably it. Another feeling that you just have to experience yourself is the complete silence once you are submerged in the big blue. Diving is not only exciting, it can also be very relaxing when you glide through the water, only hearing your breath.

3. You get to really see the world

5 Reasons you should scuba dive. 71 % for divers, 29% for everyone else

It’s funny how our planet is called Earth, although oceans cover 71% of it. If you really want to ‘see the world’, scuba diving gives you access to the 2/3 that you have been missing out on. The best thing? You don’t need a lot of time and no experience to get started. The PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience will introduce you to the underwater world in just one day.

4. Go to places you never thought you would

Once you discovered the amazing feeling of diving, you will plan your holidays in a completely different way. You search for new exciting places to dive, maybe even create your own scuba bucket list. Looking for ideas? Check out our this article featuring the 5 must-visit dive resorts for inspiration!

5. Keep travelling

This might be the best of the 5 reasons why you should scuba dive: you can keep travelling, sustaining yourself by doing what you love. Once you are a PADI Professional, you gain access to a worldwide database of job offers in the diving industry, the opportunities are endless! Live in exotic destinations, spend your days at the beach, on the boat and underwater, sharing your passion for the underwater world. To start a career in scuba diving is easier than you think, you can change your lifestyle completely in only 6 months.  Take the plunge!