Project Aware Day – 14th April 2015


Project Aware Day Coral Grand Divers, Divers with rubbish on boat

Coral Grand Divers is a 100% Project Aware Dive Centre. What does this mean? We support this dedicated non-profit organisation with donations, help raising awareness by educating people and last but not least we regularly organise Project Aware Days. They can be anything related to protecting the ocean, but we decided to do a Beach and Reef Clean up for the

Project Aware Day on April 14th

After the Thai New Year celebrations, Sonkran, Sairee Beach seemed like a good place to start. As expected we filled bags with bottles, straws, cigarette butts and plastic. After a well deserved lunch-break a crew of 8 dedicated divers joined our afternoon dive trip to collect debris from 2 different dive sites. First heading to Lighthouse and then Twins, equipped with Project Aware mesh bags, our divers collected every piece of debris they came across. We were positively surprised by how little rubbish we found! Back on shore after a rewarding afternoon of diving, the only thing left to do was sorting through the rubbish, recording the data and ensure the correct disposal of waste. We would like to thank everyone who participated – you made a difference!

Do you want to get involved yourself? Contact us for more information regarding our next Project Aware Day and other future events.  If you are a certified diver, you can also directly sign up for an AWARE Specialty course. Everyone likes to scuba dive or snorkel in warm, clear water on a vibrant coral reef, yet many people know little about what they’re seeing or the importance of reef ecosystems. The AWARE courses help you appreciate the complexity of the underwater world and teach how you can help conserve these vital systems.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
~ Ryunosuke Sataro